I am an  UI / UX Designer with knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Intrigued by design, nature, music, photography, armchair philosophy and long walks – including litter picking.


I am busy starting my own little projects: bracelets, coasters, spice racks – made out of ropes, plastic pearls or whatever I find on the beaches.

01 Pick up litter

02 Take it home

03 Keep the plastic, wood and ropes I can use

04 Recycle the rest

Picking up litter
Litter West Coast National Park
666 Bottle caps
Bottle caps turned into something new
Coaster made of bottle caps of the beach


My second home. I lived in Cape Town from 2017 to 2020. It does make sense as I love to surf, do looong beach walks while picking up litter.

I am glad to see that mobile work is more and more accepted. A plus: South Africa and Germany is in the same time zone.

Cape Point
Kalk Bay harbour
Harbour wall
Palme trees and me
Train Glencairn
Cycling – it purrs


2013 I cycled from Germany to Turkey.

It wasn't my idea though :) I just needed some time off from my regular work when a friend asked me if I am keen to be the project manager for the lebenslauf of Emin da Silva.

"Can I cycle?"

"Not a bad idea. Let's talk about it."

We left Bremen on 6 April 2013:

01 Emin, the runner; 02 Tufan, the driver of the caravan; 03 Juana, the physiotherapist; 04 me, the projectmanager.

The route:

Germany – Czech Republic – Slovakia – Hungary – Romania – Bulgaria – Turkey

Cycling from work
Somewhere in Germany
Cleaning my bicycle
Blue house – somewhere in Romania
Steel is real